15 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms – Update 2022

There is no doubt that brands always require a source to spread their business optimally. It is very obvious that whenever you start a business, either from a small scale to a larger one, you need honest customers.

For such purposes, you need to expose your business by following some marketing strategies. The very first query that comes to mind of every brand is to choose the highest rank social media platform. platform.

If you are the one looking for it, then stop worrying because you are at the right place at the right time. In this article, you will get complete information related to the 15 Best social media marketing platforms. Using such sources effectively helps the customers to interact with your business. Social media platforms are mainly based on age factors and interests.

But now, due to very much Hussle and bustle in markets, people prefer online sources to enhance their business to a great extent. Although there are a bundle of platforms for marketing purposes but the most prominent among them are listed as follows:


As per research, there are billions of active users on Facebook every month. The largest age group available on this platform ranges from 25-34 years old. It can serve as a ladder for your marketing purposes by creating interesting stuff for the customers like services, offers, social media advertising, etc.

The brands that are looking to give maximum growth to their business are recommended to use it. There are paid social ads with little effort that reach the maximum number of people within a few seconds. Customer services and review categories on Facebook are also essential for the magnificent widespread of your business.


We know that WhatsApp is listed among the top-used apps nowadays. You can easily direct customer service through this source. National and international communication is possible in nanoseconds. It allows the brands to personally connect with their customers worldwide. There are personalized communications made for your ease.

Furthermore, you can manage the messages more efficiently through WhatsApp business. Thus, it can serve you to the maximum extent of promoting your business.


We are familiar with the fact that this platform is highlighted for mainly a young group of people. The age category includes 10-30 years old. You can use it as a good marketing platform because of its great hype.

As per research, people spend most of their free time on this app. So, you can utilize it without any inconvenience for promoting your brand. People also use famous people to support their brand. There are some promotional ads available that include stuff listed as follows:

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Personal care
  • Food and beverages
  • Financial services


There is a huge audience that promotes travel, fashion, beauty, health, and fitness on the same side. This is a good medium to increase your brand and highlight it among maximum people.

You can do collaborations with people and ask them to make short videos that depict your brand. This led to the advertisement and a great help to divert the maximum attention of people towards tour sales. You get more output after sending PR to the influencers and get maximum output in return without making some serious efforts.


We know that in this era of technology and entertainment, YouTube comes as a top source for marketing purposes. There are many bloggers and content creators who are on this platform. You can stay in touch, which can elevate your business to an extreme level.

There is approved research that we spend maximum time on YouTube. This can be the greatest marketing strategy to boost your business by attracting an audience. There are some ads available before the start of a video. You can choose such strategies so that people get to know about your product.


Diving into depth related to the statistical platform of this application, we get to know that there are around 500 global active users. It gives you the inspiration to find new brands for competitive purposes.

Furthermore, many users use it to initiate a project or plan any event. For instance, whole food is the marketing strategy that uses Pinterest for its promotion. You can also refer these techniques to your partners and get maximum outcomes.


It is one of the top platforms that have an average time spent of 38 minutes per day. The higher education industry also gets benefits from Twitter by creating different channels. This is a high-profile application made for the betterment of people up to a great extent. You are allowed to avail yourself the live conversations to promote your brand.

Furthermore, there are facilities available from which you can avail to allow live conversations. When you are much more responsive, it creates a positive impact on your business. This factor depicts your business transparency and eases up to the maximum possible way.


The top industries and new ones are equal on this platform. You can allow and give the lead to the generations for maximum employment for your business.

It works optimally for your business by creating a smooth network and chain of people. Transferring the data from one person to another will boost your business without making some major efforts.

It is a powerful place where you gather customer insights to improve your products or services.


It is considered one of the highest audience social media sites. There are a maximum number of viewers every hour. Reddit is based on Interest based communities. It promotes a healthy relationship and authentic connection.

It only allows the joining of trustworthy people. You can share your interest and analyze the public demand on the same side. This allows thinking technically about social media marketing as an appropriate strategy for maximum output. You do not need any investment in social media if you want to initiate a small business.

Google My Business

If you are the one looking for the customer’s information that as per statistical analysis there are 64% of consumers are looking for a business. You can also get some valuable and honest buyers that are ready to review your product.

Thus, it can also work for you up to a great extent if you are looking for some fundamentals to boost your business. You do not need to invest because it is free of cost.


As per estimation, there are over 300 million people that monthly visit this platform. It gives your brands a magnificent opportunity to highlight their creativity and content formats. You can also add some photos, videos, or audio content for your ease.

It gives power to your brand by targeting the users based on their location and interest. For instance, if someone is interested in buying groceries online and his home is near to your brand locality, this site can help you to catch them up. Thus, for your comfort, it has made things easier for you to run a business optimally.


We know that travel review websites are very few due to the fact it has originated as a powerful platform where you get private accommodation. 12% off is also provided for the booking of a hotel.

Thus, if you are running a business-like travel agency, then this marketing strategy will help you to grab more public attention. Instead of avoiding the hustle and bustle, people start booking online and prefer to avail of discount offers. Hence, it has a good ranking that allows 500 million views of visitors every month.


We know people love taking snaps. Due to amazing filters and some latest techniques, this platform is ideal for various marketing strategies. There are around 300-400 million active users. Furthermore, it has driven people’s attention on an average of 18% yearly.

If you want to try out something exceptional, then you may choose it to promote your brand. Here we get a bundle of reasons to invest our time because it is completely safe to use. There is high privacy that avoids any kind of error or inconvenience to you in the future. Thus, it could be an amazing platform for social media marketing strategies.


It allows you to do various stuff without the involvement of any external source. You can join the part messaging app, payment app, and part lifestyle platform following this category.

It has a good social connection that allows the maximum attention of Chinese on the same side. You can also allow medical appointments, reserve your tables in restaurants, and many more. Thus, adding it as a part of your business can give you high ease.


It is an online management review strategy containing brands that want happy customers. You can add it to your business, especially if you want to promote food and beverages. Furthermore, you get some local services and entertainment too.

Due to its increased hype among the people, it allows a healthy bond between the customer and the brand. Getting a review for a brand is essential to boost it up to a great level. So, if you want to get something on time without making some extra effort, you can try this out.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that if you follow something despite the traditional strategies, you cannot run a smooth system.

It is essential to make an optimum site for the people who want to engage with the customers. The people who are already famous for reading their own business are because of good opportunities, magnificent establishment in social media links, and public reviews.

Thus, you should make a high-quality product or service to grab the maximum audience and use the above platform as a good marketing strategy. This ensures to give you huge output in a very less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the fastest-growing social media platform?

Per the statistics, Facebook is considered the fastest-growing social media platform for marketing strategies. It has maximum views of people belonging to different parts of the world.

2. How many social media should you prefer for marketing strategies?

You can add maximum social media platforms to your list if you want to establish a business. It can run optimally for maximum public attention towards the brand.

3. Do you have to pay to join a social media marketing platform?

No, you do not need to pay to any of the accounts if you are a beginner. In case you are a professional person, you can invest in ads to highlight your business.

4. Can you run your business without joining any social media platform for marketing strategies?

It is very difficult to detach from social media platforms for marketing strategies. Marketing mainly includes public interaction in case you do not have enough interaction, it is almost impossible to spread your business.

5. Do brands or services get success after joining social media platforms?

Yes, when you make your brand clearer to the audience, it becomes a top list in their category. So, successful brands know the tips and tricks to get maximum sales.

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