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Techests aims to create a technological hub where readers can find various topics related to the latest technology. But we also allow our readers to contribute knowledge on our website. If you think you have absolute writing traits you want to share with the world, we will provide you with a platform where you can express your thoughts and disclose your knowledge to the world. We only publish high-quality content and expect the same from any writer. So, if you think you have what it takes to write quality and engaging blogs, please read our guidelines, submission criteria, and the type of text we accept on our site.

Our Topic Domains

Techests is home to technology-related blogs. So, the visitors to our website will expect blogs like the latest trends in the technology sector, the most recent developments in the technology sector, news related to future technology, and tips and tricks regarding usage, maintenance, and repairs of many electrical devices. Primarily, we will want our blogs to cover one of the described topics. Our goal is to publish reader-friendly, engaging, and informative blogs. We want to convey information and knowledge in a friendly and informal way. We do not include technical wording in our blogs because it can be unhelpful to many of our audience. Some topics covered on Techests are the following:

You can also write regarding other topics but ensure their relativity with technology. We suggest referring to our existing blogs so you can get an idea regarding content flow and learn new topic ideas.

A Great Platform to Commence!

Techests is a perfect platform for writers to spread their word and gain recognition. We offer massive exposure to any writer who wants to share their ideas in the world of technology. High-quality content gains the attention of thousands of people. The audience can include potential employers, publishers, and other writers. If your articles and blogs are engaging and strong enough to convey your ideas, you can expect your blog to be ranked very high on our website.

What do we expect?

Techests only accepts quality as it is something we prefer over other attributes. So, make sure that your written material is up to the standards. Following are some guidelines that are necessary to follow for any writer who wants to publish their written material on our website:

➜ Plagiarism-free Content

We require original content that contains the writer’s original ideas. We do not want copied text from other blogs, articles, or websites. Make sure to check for plagiarism before submitting your work. To avoid plagiarism inconvenience, we conduct an extensive plagiarism check of all the submitted articles and blogs.

➜ Authentic Content

The technology-related articles often contain news regarding some discovery. Sometimes you may find facts about some product. Ensure that your content is authentic and free from false information. We do not want to misguide our readers in any way. Therefore, you should always check your blog for authenticity. If you want to include any facts and figures, you must provide some references as proof.

➜ Word Limit

The word limit for any article or blog on our site is 1000-2500. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule, as different blogs require different word counts for an adequate revelation of the message. Remember that our team will scrutinize your article or blog regarding word count. Furthermore, the editing team will also investigate the content engagement in your writings. So we can monitor whether your blogs are conveying your message accurately or you have included unnecessary information to increase the word count.

➜ Image Insertion Criteria

Blogs usually contain more than one picture to support their writings. We also allow guest post contributors to include images in their blogs and ensure the image is relevant to the topic. Moreover, ensure the inserted image is in either JPG or PNG format.

➜ Unpublished Content

As we have mentioned above, only original blogs are acceptable. We do not entertain published blogs or articles on other sites, even if you have written that content. We will only accept if the blog is written exclusively for our website by keeping our audience and the general tone of our site in mind.

➜ Article Presentation Criteria

The presentation of your article should be reader-friendly. It should not be only in descriptive form. Include headings, sub-headings, bullet points, images, highlighted words, etc. to support your point. It will help you create a reader-friendly blog that could increase engagement on your blog.

➜ Usage of Pertinent reference links

If you want to include references in your content, add relevant links. The linked sites should be credible. They should quote the fact or figure you have mentioned in your blog.

➜ Avoid Image Copyright Issues

If you want to add images to your article, avoid copyright issues. If you want to add a picture owned by someone else, make sure to take permission from them.

What will you get?

Techests will allow writers a chance of exposure through their written blogs. It is a marvelous opportunity for people who want to address their idea to a vast audience but do not have a relevant platform to reach out intended audience. It is a superb platform for writers who want to test their writing skills related to technological topics. If your content is up to mark and has the potential to engage an audience, your content will gain coverage on a global level.

How to join us?

To start writing for us, you have to follow a simple procedure. Enter your name, email, the subject of your blog, and a terse message. In the message, write down an introduction of yourself and why we should consider you for writing blogs on our site. We will contact you after reviewing your provided details.

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