dell alienware 15 r4

Dell Alienware 15 r4 – Honest Review

Many people all around the world love gaming. It is very obvious that for a perfect gaming system display and realistic view are most important. Dell Alienware 15 r4 is mainly customized for gamers who love to immerse themselves in the game with high-quality graphics more realistic than ever before. You can thank the multi-thread capabilities of this latest model. It is amazingly designed to deliver a mind-blowing performance.

According to pcmag, In 2020, the Alienware m15 R3 stood out as one of our top gaming laptops, combining unique aesthetics with formidable performance. Now, the m15 R4 (starting at $2,149.99; $2,499 as tested) undergoes a component-level upgrade, maintaining the same sleek chassis while integrating Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 Series “Ampere” GPUs, recently unveiled for laptops at CES 2021.

Equipped with an RTX 3070, our test unit demonstrates significant frame-rate improvements over its predecessors, particularly at higher resolutions, and enables 60-frame-per-second (fps) ray tracing—a remarkable feat for a laptop.

It is competitive with some of the highest rank laptops that are beyond budget but this is classified among the top listing laptops. There is a bundle of positive aspects that you get from this latest technology for your ease. You can use it and bring a good investment rather than investing huge money on personalized computers.

It contains some high-end processors with a magnificent display. There is no doubt in the fact that it is mechanically engineered most technically with improved Alienware Cryo Tech V2.0 thermal technology. Thus, if you are the one looking for such a device then choosing it can be the right option.

Specifications of Dell Alienware 15 r4

Whenever you enter the world of technology it is recommended to hook its specifications on the top. It is due to the fundamental fact to avoid any kind of inconveniences in future that may affect your ease. All of them are completely safe to work for you in a long run. You do not need the replacement of it in case of any terms and conditions because everything is fitted automatically for an anonymous control system. The techniques in the manufacturing of this device are up to date for daily usage.

It is amazing in building your gaming experience without causing lag or other errors. Although there is a bundle of features of Dell Alienware 15 r4 that makes it unique from other gaming laptops. But the most prominent among them are magnified as follows:

Premium Quality

As per the details guided by the manufacturing team this latest gadget comes up with some premium materials. It utilizes the magnesium alloy for stability and rigidity on the same side.

We know that quality is a key factor for the best working to run in a useful manner without causing any inconvenience to you. There is also the presence of copper for an amazing performance. Furthermore, the presence of anodized aluminum is there for extra coverage that protects the device from any kind of damage.

Command Center

Dell Alienware 15 r4 contains steel for tactile comfort. This device allows you to give you a complete comfort zone in terms of gaming. It ensures you to give you high-quality speed on the gaming platform. We know that without the perfect command center a device cannot run optimally. To ensure this issue there are a series of things made to keep your system in place. This allows the gaming system to run smoothly. Thus, you can enjoy playing your game with an admirable display without causing any inconvenience in the future.

Measure the controls

Using this latest Dell Alienware 15 r4 allows you to have easy control over the software and hardware. If you are the one who is looking for customization to make a complete setup for your gaming then you can also set the space and setup of your software. This will ease you to make your device look the way you want. There is a huge concern in the management of your gameplay to prevent any kind of interruption during it.

ACE Library Science

It is very convenient to use all the interface links. You can set all your game settings with a specific gaming library through which you can access every game information without any issue. You can create your game profile as per your technical mindset. There is no need to suffer from any issue especially if you are using Dell Alienware 15 r4.

Lightening system

You are allowed to set the new themes by doing some peripheral settings. This is now possible with some new settings and software updates made to this device for your convenience. It provides full support for RGB Values and offers up to 16.8 million colors. There is also an establishment of map new system-level effects that allows your device to have proper control over the lighting and other settings of the same category. You can also set the system and hardware settings as per your desire to create a beautiful impact on a group of keyboard colors.

Updated Keyboard

When you get an upgraded gaming laptop Dell Alienware 15 r4 you get a spectacular keyboard that enables you 108 key commands. It is for the purpose to perform maximum actions per every second. There is no doubt that it allows rapid response for any keystroke.

The keyboard design is simple and unique in its way. It has some amazing properties that allow a fast processing system and working procedure of this device. Comparing it with some random laptops that depict some prominent changes in the keyboard made for your ease.

Furthermore, you also get a steel back plate that offers stability and rigidity on the same side. It can support almost 160-170 games. This makes it dominant among all other gaming laptops yet available in the market. You can customize the lights during the gaming action as per your desire.

Spectacular Graphics

Using this latest technology will dip you into amazing virtual experiences while gaming due to the high-end graphics. It contains the VR-ready system that has the approval of Oculus Ready and Vive Optimized certifications which allows it to stand unique in the current era. This is not the rank of all the laptops. The certifications make it unique and premium in all ways. You can get amazing visual technology, sound system, and touch mechanisms along with environmental stimulation.

Furthermore, Dell Alienware 15 r4 allows the future-proofing of amazing upgrading full length and dual wide graphics for your ease. You can get an amazing gaming experience because of the marvelous modifications made to this laptop.

Amplified performance

As per the details assured by the manufacturing team, we get to know that this laptop serves you maximally in every gaming platform. It originated for the best gaming experience with realistic effects that you ever got before. Due to its amazing processors and working it is listed among the top-selling laptops that are specifically made for gaming. It comes up with overclocked CPU and GPU that has the latest generation with Intel core processors.

So, if you are the one looking for a high-end laptop, especially for gaming purposes this can serve you at maximum level. There is no risk or any other damage ever recorded against this laptop.

Final Verdict

As per the specifications and further details listed in the article about Dell Alienware 15 r4, I hope everything is clear in your mindset. Many professional gamers are investing in this laptop just because of its unique specifications and maximum results too.

Comparing it with the random laptops yet available on the market although they offer some positive aspects they are usually high in price. Whereas, using this latest gadget contains some amazing specifications at a reasonable price. Thus, it needs only a one-time investment but claims to never fall into regret. Due to its strong processors and latest updates, it provides you with all the services that work for you in a long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic tools for gamers that are installed in Dell Alienware 15 r4?

There are some fundamental essentials for every gamer that are required for maximum performance. This gadget contains all of them as it has Thunderbolt Type-C, Good battery life, optimum drive state, and network availability.

2. What are the dimensions and weight of Dell Alienware 15 r4?

Its height is 25.4mm whereas its width of it is about 389mm and its depth is 305mm. This is amazing and creates a magnificent look for keeping the device best for gaming use. It’s a weight of around 3.4kgs that allows you to move it easily from one place to the other. This is ideal in making things optimum for regular use.

3. Is there the availability of a touchpad in Dell Alienware 15 r4?

Yes, there is a magnificent upgradation in the laptop as it has a pointing system. The touchpad allows you to have quick access to opening tabs or closing them instantly. Furthermore, this unique feature is also good for people who believe in the latest technology with some crazy outlooks.

4. What are the display details of Dell Alienware 15 r4?

There is an availability of LED display type with 3840 X 2160 Pixels resolution. The display features offer a UHD display with 15.6 inches screen. The graphic card optimum for it is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5 Dedicated graphics.

5. Is Dell Alienware 15 r4 worth it to buy?

Yes, if you love gaming then this laptop is made for you. You can use it as a part of your lifestyle for having the best gaming experience. It is completely safe to use in terms of gaming and the best-operating systems to work at maximum level.

6. How many ports are there in Dell Alienware 15 r4?

There are some specific ports available in this gadget for maximum connectivity. Some of the ports included in it are SD Card Reader, USB 3.0, Headphone jack, Microphone jack, and HDMI.

7. What is the memory range of Dell Alienware 15 r4?

It has a good storage and memory system because of providing some magnificent space range as the RAM Type is DDR4. The RAM Speed is 2400 Mhz. The capacity range is from 64GB and above. This serves you maximally to allow the heavy games to run easily without causing any inconveniences.