Dell Docking Station – Review

A docking station is becoming necessary as laptops get thinner and smaller. Therefore, these laptops do not have enough ports so that you may be able to connect them to external monitors. Hence, people require a Dell docking station to ensure easy file transfer and display.

Above all, you will require different connectivity ports to improve your work and the fastest connections. These ports help to organize your files and move them around as quickly as possible through the connectivity option. Nevertheless, a Dell docking station is a perfect example of letting these connections be formed.

What is a Docking Station?

For example, if you want to maintain and connect with an external display, you will need a non-USB C interface cable. Likewise, this cable is also famous for VGA or HDMI. For instance, you can use these ports to let your screen display on to the other screen or projector. The docking station helps you provide the port for such a connection.

Nevertheless, the docking station helps you expand your single laptop port into multiple ports. These ports can be in many forms, such as HDMI, micro-SD card slots, aux jacks, and much more. The docking stations work with specific ports. We can put the definition of a docking station as a word replicator which provides a way of connecting your laptop to several different devices. Likewise, it can include a mouse, keyboard, speakers, Ethernet, or any other display screen.

How does it work?

Most commonly, we can say that docking stations work like power stripes for laptops. These docking stations are perfectly plugged into the wall, which helps you transform your device into a portable one. The docking station acts as a second engine for your laptop.

At the same time, if you want to display your presentation on a larger screen, you can choose the HDMI port in the docking station to connect the two devices easily. This HDMI port in the docking station will help you to provide a connection between your laptop and the projector screen.

Dell Docking Station Support Resources

 You can choose from many types of Dell docking stations available online. All of these docking stations are perfect for your laptop. For instance, these docking stations allow you to form several connections between the devices using a single docking station. Let us discuss some of the most amazing Dell docking stations.

Dell USB-C Docking Stations

 The USB/C docking station will always allow you to form a connection between different devices by using just one cable. Above all, this docking station port will help you to transfer multiple display videos, data, audio, and power delivery to charge your laptop.

Dell Thunderbolt Docking Stations

Dell Thunderbolt docking station will also allow several devices to be connected to your laptop by using just a USB C-type cable. You can extend its use and capabilities with multiple display videos, data, and power transfers to the computer.

Dell Universal USB Docking Station

The most popular Dell docking station is the universal docking station. Universal docking stations are a type of technology that enables eight docking features over a standard USB connection. It connects multiple monitors, Ethernet, and audio connections to the laptop through the USB port. This works best with the USB 3.0 ports on the computer.

Dell Wireless Docking Station

Wireless docking stations are perfect for working with Intel WIGIG 1.1 and 2.0 cards. Furthermore, these wireless docking stations can also work with Intel WIGIG 1.1 and WLD 15.

Dell Rugged Docking Station

This type of docking station by the Dell company is the only popular end usable with a selected number of laptops that provide the Dell Latitude rugged series.

Dell Tablet or Slate Dock

In addition, you can also get a Dell tablet or slate talk which is most popular among the tablet formations and connections. For instance, this docking station is perfect if you want to maintain any relationship between a tablet and any other device.

Dell E/Port Docking Station

Lastly, we have a Dell E/port docking station. This series of dell docking stations is perfect for Dell latitude and Precision E series. Likewise, this station provides efficient connectivity to all desktop devices with just one click into the dock.

How to set up a Docking Station with Laptop?

Setting up a docking station with your laptop is easy if you follow the following steps. Let us discuss how you can set up your docking station with the computer.

Verify that you are using a compatible docking station with the laptop

 Firstly, remember that different docking stations come with varying interfaces of docking. For example, if you choose a Dell E port or deport Thunderbolt, three or USB C docking station, you must identify the type of docking interface. Every single kind of docking station serves a different purpose.

Connect the devices to the docking station

Next, you have to form a connection between those devices. For instance, the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can be easily paired with the laptop; therefore, docking stations are unnecessary. You will need a docking station to connect the Ethernet cable or external USB devices such as printers, webcams, USB drives, etc.

 To do so, you have to connect the why are of the external device, such as a printer, to the docking station and connect the docking station to your laptop. Lastly, you have to power the docking station.

Connect the docking station to the laptop

 Once your device is connected to the docking station and turned on, you can click the docking station on your laptop. For this, you must ensure that it is connected to the correct port on the computer; otherwise, it will not work.

Download and install docking station drivers

Lastly, you must ensure that you have downloaded and installed a docking station driver update. For this, you must run the Windows updates first to ensure that your operating system is up to date. After that, run the support assist or Dell command update to update your computer by iOS and drivers.

Other than that, the Dell drivers are also available for download manually. You can download it through the Dell support website. Last but not least, when your docking station is connected to the laptop and is up to date, you can start the connection process.


In the conclusion of this article, we would like to say that the Dell docking station is a complete necessity of life if you are in professional life. As modern laptops are becoming thinner and thinner while also becoming very light in weight, adjusting different ports into just one laptop becomes complicated. For now, you do not have to worry because the docking station will work as a connector between your computer and other devices.

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