Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy will allow users of Techests to understand how their information is collected and utilized. This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected by Techests. It will explain when & how your information gets collected, how you can control the disclosure of your information, and how we protect your data.  

The information gets collected upon the usage of our services. We will utilize your data to provide you with a personalized experience on Techests and improve our services. By using any Techests services, you agree to the collection and use of your information. Our Privacy Policy will be updated or amended regularly according to changes in how we collect and utilize your data. 

Kindly read Privacy Policy carefully and visit this page regularly to stay updated with any possible changes in our Policies. 

What Type of Information Do We Gather?

We may collect your data once you use one of our services. Personal data means personal information regarding an individual, including the following categories.

Personal Details: Your name, login details (username, password, etc.), topics of interest, and photograph (if you provide us with a picture during the login procedure or upload it while using any of Techests service).

Demographic Details: Gender, date of birth, nationality, language preferences, education, and details regarding employment (status, company name, job title, company contact information, etc.).

Contact Details: Email address, postal address, cellphone number, and your public social media profiles.

Location Details: The location section targets the location of the device through which you visit Techests. 

Your Opinion and Views: Any comments you post under any post or blog.

We may also collect other types of information, which may include but are not limited to, 

Type of Device: It refers to what device (mobile phone, Desktop, etc.), software, and version you have used to access Techests.

Interaction on site: It refers to information regarding how you interact with content and services on Techests.

How Do We Create User Data?

We collect or create user data from the following sources,

Your Provided Data: These include all the data provided by you during the login procedure or the usage of services. 

Your Public Data: We may obtain your personal information from your publicly available data, which includes social media (if you create a public post mentioning Techests), your chats with Techests, and your interaction within a community.

Advertising Information: If you choose an advertisement or any third-party content on the site or service, we will receive user data regarding how you interacted with that content.

Creation of User Data: We may combine the data provided by you with the data we obtain through other sources to create a user profile. 

How Do We Use Collected Information?

Techests may use your collected information for the following purposes,

Access to Services

These services include publishing blogs on Techests (subject to approval), posting comments under blogs, and interacting with other members on Techests.

Maintenance & Improvement of Services

It refers to monitoring how the user interacts with services. Furthermore, it targets objectives like providing personalized content, recognizing issues with services, suggestions on service improvements, and notifying you regarding any changes to services or the addition of new services.


It refers to Techests interaction with you via any medium (Email, social media post, text message, comment reply, etc.) 


It targets any survey conducted to take your view regarding services. Your information may get involved in such a survey for your opinions. 


 In order to provide you with personalized advertisements, we collect your data. These commercials will be according to your interests and interaction within services and sites.

Direct Marketing

 We may use collected user data to contact you (through email, text message, social media posts, etc.) regarding services that may interest you. You can choose to unsubscribe from this feature at any time.

For Other Purposes

It may include but is not limited to security measures to mitigate risks of a security breach, development of audience engagement, conducting investigations (if necessary), data analysis, identifying the trend of usage of services, and calculating the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns. 

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Techests use cookies and other tracking technologies to analyze user trends and data analysis and track user movement within the service to monitor and improve the service. If you choose not to accept cookies, you may lose complete or partial access to services. If you receive an email message or newsletter from us, we may use web beacons, customized links, clear GIFs, or similar technologies to tell us whether the email has been opened and to make it more targeted.

 We may determine which links you click on to provide you with targeted emails. We will use other data or combine that information with alternative information we collect for some or all of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Retention of User Data

Techests will retain all collected and created user data only for as long as is necessary for purposes listed in this Privacy Policy. We ensure that we will only keep user data for a minimum period. However, the minimum period will reset or start repeatedly once the user visits the site or uses the service again.

Security of User Data

Techests will deploy advanced security measures to protect all collected user data. However, the transfer of user information may not be completely secure. Hence, we cannot guarantee that there will be no data breaches and will not be responsible for a data breach. Any data transfer on-site or service is subject to your own risk, and you will be responsible for the transmission of your data to us. 

Right to Delete User Data

Techests will provide you with the right to delete or request to assist in deleting user data. However, note that we may need to retain certain information for legal obligations.