Terms & Conditions

Techests, a leading tech site on the global internet web, is home to thousands of IT lovers. Our readers explore the diversity of information on our site. We ensure to keep up with your expectations and assure your safety and privacy on Techests. Therefore, we have introduced some Terms and Conditions required to be filled by everyone using browsing Techests. These regulations have been set to avoid all possible scams.

Terms of Usage

Anyone willing to use the services of Techests must abide by the following terms.

Service Usage Criteria

No one owns the treasure of knowledge. Therefore, you are free to explore the diversity of our blogs. However, the user must be 13+ years old to avoid unnecessary comments. 

Copyright Disclaimer

The objective of Techests is to become a true IT sensation with its authentic and informative blogs. Hence, content access is free for every user visiting the website. However, if the user attempts to copy the content and use it for unfair means or personal benefits, serious legal actions shall get conducted against the user. Moreover, the user will get prohibited from further access to the site. 

Unacceptable Behaviour

Techests loves to hear your thoughts on our content and appreciates the valuable feedback from our readers. You can express your views and suggestions in the comment box below every article. 

Techests strictly prohibits the usage of unethical and cursing language. Everyone has the freedom to share their opinions. However, any misleading comments will be removed from the site immediately to avoid further inconvenience.  

Privacy Policy

Techests has always set up the safety of its users. Your shared information (like email ID, name, contact information, etc.) will remain safe and sound on our servers. Our Privacy Policy section elaborates on our priorities regarding the safety of your personal information. 

Protocols to Join Techests

You can become a part of Techests if you keep a few points in consideration. You can join us with some of your trivial information and your reason for collaborating with Techests. 

Remember, you cannot write for Techests if you’re a minor. You must have mandatory writing skills to meet our publication requirements. 

Content Approval

Your content will get approved by our team of editors. Therefore, we suggest avoiding all the research sources leading to malicious and false content. We do not allow any watermarks, third-party links, and promotors of other sites on Techests. 

Techests signs a contract and officially collaborates with affiliates. All companies’ promotions get approved by the administration and set for launch on the site. These affiliated links and articles get published by Techests. 

We hold responsibility for promotion sites. However, the administration expects some room for exceptions and errors. 

Note: Any violation of the above clauses can result in permanent blockage from the site.